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Open Access Library
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  Przeglad Spawalnictwa 2014

Alexandre Gaivoronskiy, Sergey Kasatkin, Lyudmila Markashova, Tatyana Zuber
Influence of diffusible hydrogen on brittle fracture resistibility of metal in heat-affected zone of high-strength carbon steel
2014-12 p.49

Peter Zifcak, Peter Blazicek, Peter Pastier
The effect of selected welding parameters on properties of FSW welded joints in ferritic steel type S235 JRC+N
2014-11 p.73

Tobias Broda, Katharina Franke, Bernd Kranz, Steffen Keitel
Compaction and welding of copper-stranded wires by resistance heating
2014-10 p.60

Dariusz Golański, Tomasz Chmielewski, Zhu Sheng
The effect of the interface profile on the residual stresses formed in thermally sprayed NiAl coatings on Al2O3 substrate
2014-08 p.41

Jerzy Nowacki, Janusz Grabian, Sławomir Krajewski
Problems of aluminum foam soldering
2014-01-08 p.7

  Przeglad Spawalnictwa 2013

Chunguang Xu, Hongbo Wang
Ultrasonic fields and inspection of composites
2013-12-08 p.209

Hannelore Wessel-Segebade
Quality in NDT - two approaches
2013-12-07 p.179
Simon Niederhauser, Robert Ernst
Field experience of using guided waves for corrosion monitoring of piping
2013-12-06 p.114

Hans Felius
Non-invasive inspection of heat exchanger tubes
2013-12-05 p.64

Gerd Dobmann
NDT and SHM for fatigue and fracture mechanical property determination
2013-12-04 p.46
Tomasz Chady, Grzegorz Psuj, Dimosthenis Liaptsis, Stavros Avramidis, Ivan Castro, Kenneth Lobato, Neil Hankinson, Chris Gregory, Ignacio Ugarte Azpiri
Ultrasonic and electromagnetic inspections of railway hollow axles
2013-12-03 p.37
Joe Buckley
Development of an optimized array wheel probe for inspection of fibre glass composites
2013-12-02 p.32
Piotr Baniukiewicz
Optimization of radiogram thresholding procedure
2013-12-01 p.29
Johannes Wilden, Thomas Wirtz
Thermodynamische Berechnungsmethoden zur Beurteilung der Phasenausbildung in Hochtemperaturlötverbindungen
2013-09-02 p.68
Thomas Uhlig, Sebastian Weis, Stefan Schuberth, Bernhard Wielage
Co-based brazing fillers
2013-09-01 p.64
Igor Pashkov, Oksana Kustova, Julia Vetrova
Phenomenon of interaction between the solder melts on the basis of copper and the steel detail surface
2013-08-01 p.36